TCL: Michael and Angela are Finally Engaged!

Angela and Michael, whose formal names are Kehinde Ilesanmi and Angela initially starred on Season 2 of Before the 90 Days before appearing on the currently-airing third season on TLC. 

Could the duo be getting married anytime soon? Is this just an engagement ceremony? Is Michael’s Green Card secured? Will there be another fight between the interracial couple? You must be wondering just like us here. Following them from the very start, it has been from love bombing to fighting and separating temporarily.

Angela was a 52-year-old nursing assistant for hospice from Hazlehurst, GA, when she met Michael, a 30-year-old Yoruba man from Nigeria, online. 

A video recently popped up on TLC social media page showing Angela in Mike’s home town dressed in Nigeria’s cultural marital attire. She definitely looks good. No lie.

Reactions from fans of the reality TV show have flooded the online spaces with different comments.

Angela is a divorced grandmother of six children she never thought she’d walk down the aisle again in African Traditional settings. She came across Michael on Facebook. According to the reality TV show which a lot of people feel might not be real, the pair talked on the phone for several months after meeting until Angela decided to travel to Nigeria in order to meet Michael in person. 

The road to this love story has not been an easy one for the duo. Despite having received warnings from friends that Michael might be scamming her, Angela intended to propose marriage right away. When Angela discovered some red flags in Michael after visiting Nigeria, she decided to postpone asking Micheal’s hand in Marriage.

Finally, after a long time, the marital rite has happened. Please be happy for a Nigerian brother.

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