TejuPretty said Kokobykhloe stole her boyfriend and threatened to leak her nudes … Mr. Ye physically abused her, locked her up and threatened to kill her

TejuPretty used to date Mr. Ye at the same time that Khloe of BB Naija was creeping around with Mr Ye. She claimed that she was dating him first before Khloe came along to steal him. 

The issue stated after Mr. Ye said that he has something to say about TejuPretty but Teju beat him to the story and she shared a lot of secret about their relationship. 

She called him a deadbeat dad who doesn’t pay his babymama to take care of his son, and that she even offered to pay Mr. Ye’s child support for him.  She accused Mr. of domestic abuse, called him a cheater and said he is living a fake life. 

“Why not tell people the way you called to threatened to kill me one day, you manipulated and brainwashed me, you would hit me and keep me locked up, threatened to kill me if I leave. “ – Teju Pretty. 

Teju unleashed all these secrets after Mr. Ye came for her man with a post that said “ These new money boys out here clout-Chasing through “our old girl”, spending all that money and shit for them to be popular, you need those money for your own upkeep bruh … “ 

This was the comment that got Teju upset and she aired the whole dirty laundry. 

She also mentioned that she made a mistake for fighting Khloe for Mr Ye. “ The girl was just as stupid and lame as he was”  – Teju 

“ How do you fuck a girl’s boyfriend? Knowing fully well he has a whole girlfriend. And then start threatening to leak the girl’s nude pictures.  Kokobykhloe I hope you aren’t that stupid anymore because that would be a shame. 

She called KokobyKhloe delusional for lying on live TV when she was on BB Naija show. 

 She also said that Khloe was caught in bed with multiple men in Lagos and that she got receipts. 

TejuPretty described herself as a stylist, brand influencer and a creative consultant and we all know that Khloe was the babe from Bb Naija show. 

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