Tekno allowed doctors to put a magnet his body, discussed Ubi, Iyanya, Baby mama

If you recall, Nigerian singer Tekno had digestion issues along with voice problem a while ago. He consulted with foreign medical doctors who are experts in throat issues and they gave him two options.

Option 1, the will fold his food passage and fold it up.

Option 2, A magnet inside his body, when he eats, the magnet opens and when the food goes down the magnet closes.

Tekno chose options 2 and now he has a magnet inside his body.

Tekno talking about the toughest decision he has to make to save his career.

You can watch the full interview below.

According to Tekno, he lost his voice after a show in Ghana. “ I continue to have reoccurring sore throats that won’t go away, and I have to cancel a lot of shows. I flew to London to see a doctor, but the doctor told me that my voice box is just irritated and he gave me medication but that didn’t fix the problem. I saw another doctor in London after two weeks passed and my voice box didn’t improve, so I flew to Los Angeles to meet a voice specialist Doctor. The first doctor that I saw also said you I will be ok, but I was losing my mind because I couldn’t sing and I couldn’t talk.

I continue to deal with this issue and people started telling me that maybe it’s Ubi because he didn’t want me to get out of the contract, other said maybe it was Iyanya, Babalawo, or a random girl etc.

I was helpless for 4 months, someone even told me to buy a goat and 3 machetes for a sacrifice to fix my voice.

I called my mom and I told her and she started to cry. There’s an option for surgery and at this point, I consider having the surgery because I have been drinking Acid reflux for so long and it didn’t solve my voice problem.

My visit fee every time I see my doctor in New York is $1,600 for each time I see him.

About the Beyonce project.

Tekno said his voice just healed before he took on Beyonce’s project. ” And I have to take on the job because that’s what’s in front of me”.

About cancelling shows

People said I was useless and I just smoke and drink and cancel shows. But they didn’t know what I was going through. So this is why I decided to do this interview to let people know my story“, Tekno said in the interview with Daddyfreeze.

Talking about how it feels to have a magnet in his body

When I eat, all the food must go down at the same time. Because the magnet opens when I open my mouth and closes after I swallow. If some part of the food gets stuck and the magnet doesn’t close all the way, I am in trouble for about 10 minutes” – Tekno. When asked if he can eat swallow like Eba, he said ” No I can’t“I can only sip liquid, if I drink more than enough, I have to go and find a way to get the food out of my throat“, Tekno said,

About picture with Drake.

‘I had a picture with Drake but I couldn’t sing, I was helpless with no voice’, Tekno said.

Speaking about his Baby Mama Lola Rae

When asked if Tekno has a woman by his side, he said: ” Me and my woman, at this point, we are not really good”. “It was easier or me to deal with my troubles alone because everyone around me irritated me. I couldn’t speak“, he added. “I enjoyed being alone, even my mom will see me and cry“.

When asked about Tripple MG and Ubi Franking

“I am not with Ubi Franklin anymore” When asked if he would sign, he said ” Hell No”. I made them crazy money, I made them stupid money and Ubi and Iyanya took 60 percent of the money and were giving me 40 percent. If Iyanya gets anything I don’t know but I made the made a lot of money”. Tekno hinted that he as nothing bad to say about Ubi Franklin right now but if there comes a time in the feature that he has to say something about Ubi, it will be crazy.

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