Tekno Declares That He Needs A Manager [photo]

Tekno announces that he urgently needs a manager.

Tekno announces that he urgently needs a manager. He took to his Instagram to request for a manager that can do business with him.

Tekno Miles also known as Slim Daddy is originally Augustine Miles Kelechi, is a Nigerian musician, producer, performer, and dancer. He sings hip-hop, afrobeat, and R&B. 

Slim daddy thrills his fans with his melodious voice and his magic dance steps. He has however released many hit singles that give him local and international recognition.

Meanwhile, the popular singer Tekno said “Guys pls I need a manager, I’m tired of this solo shit. Pls I need someone that knows what to do with me. Na music I sabi”. 

Tekno declares that he needs a manager. According to him, he prefers someone who can handle him. The question some curious fans are asking is that, could this be a prank or a reality?

A prank or reality?

This post has, however, got several comments from his lovers, fans, and other celebrities. So many questions are coming up, for example, ”does he not have a manager truly?  Is he playing pranks”?

Thereafter, funny comments like ”come to my office if you are serious; I’m ready for you; choose me” has been increasing.

Well, the award-winning Tekno has just left something for the fans to gossip around. The lovers are a bit confused about whether the post is a ’prank or real’?

Consequently, Tekno Miles will celebrate his 27th birthday next week. While we await the manager’s matter. 

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