Tekno arrested for public indecency with naked girls.

A transparent truck with naked girls rolled up on the street of Lagos during traffic and a lot of people were confused about what’s going on. Further finds revealed that it was Tekno’s girls in the transparent show glass car.

The girls were dancing around a stripper pole during traffic and some parents were upset with that. Tekno issued an apology for the incident, however, that wasn’t enough for the Nigeria police to let the issue go.

Tekno sitting and watching the girls dance on the pole while the car was moving in traffic.

Tekno issues an apology for the Naked girls incident

He was arrested and taken to the police station in Lagos for questioning.

The spokesman of the Nigeria Police Command, Bala Elkana said; ”Tekno has been invited by the State CID in respect of those strip dancers in the truck in a public place dancing naked. So he is invited for questioning. He is in our office at the moment”.

According to the report, Tekno gave a deposition and he was released on his behalf. It’s unclear whether further questioning would be necessary, and we have no record of fines or charges against Tekno.

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