Tekno looks sharp in a blue suit after undergoing painful surgery.

Tekno is a man of strength and we applaud his endurance.

We referred to Tekno as a man of strength because he has dealt with many difficult times this past few years. And he is still going through a lot. He told his story in a tear moving interview with Daddyfreeze and we shared the story on Nigeriatunes.com a few days ago.

If you missed it, click here to read it. Tekno undergoes a painful surgery to cure his chronic pain. He now has a magnet in his body, and he must deal with the inconvenience that may bring daily.

It’s been months since the procedure and he is walking with his head high and trying to save his career. Check him out in a nice blue suit.

Here is a picture of Tekno post-surgery.

He has come a long way.

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