Tekno remain calm and collected amidst drama involving him and Iyanya

Iyanya did a tell all radio interview where he accused Ubi Franklin and he also accused Ubi Franklin of talking bad about him to Tekno. “ Tekno called me and said that Ubi said that I don’t like him, “ Iyanya told Daddy Freeze during the interview. 

Ubi Franklin came forward in his own interview to and said that Iyanya was lying. Iyanya truly doesn’t like Tekno and I have message to prove it. Tekno on the other hand isn’t bothered. He has moved on to a new record label and he continue to make his music and promote his song amidst the drama. He did not address the issues. 

Tekno is very talented artist. He became famous after he joined MMMG record label under the leader she of Ubi Franklin. He has released many hit records and he is worth millions in dollars. Tekno recently had issues with career when he blew his voice box. 

He took almost a year off. However, he is back making music now and he left Ubi Franklin MMMG to start his own record company. Tekno’s record company is called Cartel Records. 

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