Tekno Shows How Big His Cassava is Again


Do you remember that Tekno line in his hit track ‘Pana’ which says “I get a big Cassava”? It seems the Nigerian Musician really meant it. He has once flaunted this his famous cassava in a swimming pool which brought about counter views about the artist.

Tekno’s first release of his big cassava

It seems the ‘Duro’ crooner is not convinced that his fans now understand what he meant by he has a ‘big Cassava’ as he has gone ahead to display the map of the cassava to the world again.

In his recent picture on the Internet, the 26 years old Bauchi-born musician stood facing the mirror as he took a selfie. He dressed casually as usual but a little down below, he displayed an obvious sign of his cassava.

Latest release of Tekno’s big Cassava

For those concerned, is it that this Mr Slim Daddy does not like to wear boxers or is it that no boxers can hold his casava together? Only ‘Monica’ and other female characters in his songs can really explain this.

But what is this thing about Tekno and display of sexuality? The Lagos state government has not completely forgiven him yet since he went on the streets of Lagos at night to display half-naked ladies in a see-through van.

Besides that, all the dance moves of the ‘Yawa’ crooner is always around the waist region. Lately, he is always fond of releasing clips of him making those energetic and funny moves.

Well, someone should please let him know that we have little sisters and daughters that now have access to the Internet. He should not allow the display of his cassava to start giving them nightmares.

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