Funny! Teni Takes Davido Shopping In Dubai!


Teniola took Davido to shop in a Gucci store while in Dubai for the One Music Africa Fest. Teni is the real billionaire!

As Dubai is presently trending so hard everywhere because of the One Affica Music Fest. Teniola Apata popularly known as Teni Makanaki still has the chance to thrill her fans. 

Teni is known as a funny musician that keeps her fans smiling always. Teni, however, took Davido shopping in Dubai and told him to buy everything in the Gucci shop.

’She said she will come back tomorrow to pay for it’ lol.

Meanwhile, the billionaire crooner, Teni is practising how to live like a billionaire and decided to flaunt her billions. While the real billionaire is standing beside her quietly, just to satisfy her lol.

Davido and Teni

In the same vein, it was all jokes, Teniola just pulled another prank like she does every time. She’s just outstanding when it is a comedy and to make people laugh. 

Moreover, she’s a good singer, actor, and comedienne.  She’s fond of making jokes out of everything she does. Starting from the food she eats, to the clothes she wears and the way she talks. Everything is usually funny.

Arguably, she is everyone’s favorite at the moment due to her special talents. 

Watch the video below:

Teni is the real billionaire! Lol
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