Teni lets a white boy grab her booty and seductively romance her on stage

Teni is having a good time of her life on stage at the One Africa music fest show in New York. She is found of white boys and she manages to interact with one every chance she gets. But this time, the white boy went all the way and took his chances to seduce Teni.

She had a show in New York and she invited a fan to come on stage as she performs to him and the fans in the audience. A white male jumped on stage and he had a very romantic time with Teni. She serenades him and he stroked his waist on Teni’s booty.

It was lovemaking on stage and he also grabbed Teni’s booty multiple times.

You can watch it all happen in the video below. This video covers Teni’s stage time where it all happened.

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