See Teni Twerking For Santa Claus, She Even Removed His Mask And Pecked Him


Still in the mood of celebrating her 27th birthday Teniola Apata has decided to visit the Mega Plaza shopping mall in Lagos state. Teni was twerking for Santa Claus in the mall.

During her visit she walked to Santa Claus and happily sits on his leg ready to twerk for him. Teni can be quite silly she even removed the mask of the father Christmas, exposing his face to the world. Which on a normal day is not normal or common to see the father Christmas’s face.

The father Christmas costume is already stuffy, imagine Teni adding her heavy weight on the Santa Claus. Teni also pecked the father Christmas on the face after she was done twerking.

See the video below:

Certainly, the Santa Claus will feel uneasy, but he dares not complain, because it will be a pleasure carrying super star Teniola on his laps. He simply smiled at her.

Furthermore, Teni just lifted and took away a sack of gift claiming it is her birthday present and joins other children playing.

She is trying to have a blast today being her birthday. Earlier she was celebrating with the billionaire family Ned Nwoko and Regina Daniels and other well wishes.

Who could have imagined Teni to be all tush as she was giving a speech and photographs came after. She enjoys the life of a billionaire and she is also very smart.

Certainly, Nigerian billionaire and politician Ned Nwoko and his wife Regina Daniels will gift Teni a very expensive gift. So fans are patiently waiting on it.

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