I Just Got A Chieftaincy Title – Teniola Apata

Teniola gets a chieftaincy title

Nigerian artist Teniola gets a chieftaincy title, she discloses this on her Instagram page that @Drdolorofficial has just given her a title.

The chieftaincy title he gave to her is “IYELEKUTE” one of Nigeria. What is the meaning of “IYELEKUTE”?

See how she got the title. As teniola arrives Germany, Drdolor decides to open the door for her to exit the car. While Teni was coming down, he started calling her sort of names and Teni was responding by jumping. Teni did not mind her big size what if she falls down?.

Well, it’s not the first time she is falling, Teni is fond of falling down in public places. Especially when she tries some dance moves with her big size you see teni hitting her bumbum on the ground.

She however took to her Instagram page to share the video of how she got the title. Dr Dolor on the other hand shares the video on his page too. He captions it as “opening the door for my billionaire friend. She knows the meaning we are just playing as usual”.

Meanwhile, Dr Dolor as people know him, is the CEO of Dr Dolor Entertainment. That is the record label where Teni is signed as an artist.

The video therefore shows the love everyone has for Teni due to her humourous and free spirit. How can your CEO open the car door for you to alight?. Basically, it means they are friends and the relationship goes beyond boss and worker. It is very good as it will lighten the air and make working together more comfortable.

See the video below:

Additionally, Teni is in anticipation of her show coming up 6th of December at Eko Hotel and Suites. She wonders what exhausts her data.

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