Teniola Pays Homage to Oluwo Of Iwoland

Teniola pays homage to Oluwo of Iwoland

Popular Nigerian musician Teniola pays homage to “Oluwo of Iwoland Oba Akanbi, Emperor Telu the first.

However, King Abdulrasheed Akanbi of Iwoland shares a picture of teniola paying homage to him.

He writes these words on his Instagram page: “My Beautiful Fly Girl Teni Makanaki came to pay homage to the emperor. I wanna be a billionaire, billionaire”.

See the post below:

Under the picture, Teni comments praising the king. Certainly, she must have received a certain amount of money from the king. The Oluwo of Iwoland is a lavish spender which is why there is no way you will go back empty handed after visiting him.

Teni’s case won’t be an exception because the king favors her, he is also a fan of Teni. He jokes that he wants to be a billionaire, of which report says he is stinkingly rich.

However, King Akanbi of Iwoland says his working Style is traditionally and culturally advanced. Iwoland is a town in Osun state.

Moreover, the King is one who appreciates the youth, he believes he is also a youth and he never fails to assist them in any way he can.

In Nigeria, the king of Iwoland is the most sophisticated and most talked about King because of his impeccable Style. His mode of dressing, the way he speaks and his dance moves single him out from other monarchs in Nigeria.

While giving his lecture on “the threat to democracy” at the Crime Reporters Association of Nigeria(CRAN) he advises Nigerians. He says one must be greater than his progenitors just because you are born by a slave doesn’t mean you can’t be greater.

Sighting an example that he was born by Sango and Ogun but he wants to be greater than his forefathers.

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