Thanks to All The Fake Hospitals, Doctors for Fake Tests, Prescriptions, Extortions And Incompetence – CDQ Lambastes Nigeria’s Health Sector As She Settles His Mum Abroad

Popular Nigerian rapper, CDQ has lambasted the stakeholders in Nigeria’s Health Industry. This is due to what they have done in the life of his mum.

The country’s health sector has suffered many problems from short staffing, lack of basic health facilities, incompetence and sometimes neglect.

To the rich with serious health problems, abroad has been their usual home for quality medical care. Recall that President Muhammadu Buhari was in the UK to get quality medical care over undisclosed ailments. This forced him to spend over 90 days outside the country.

Also, other notable Nigerian leaders have followed suit as the health sector continues to suffer decay. As a result of this, the common man is left to his fate.

So, the ‘ye ye’ crooner decided to settled his mum abroad after several attempts to get good healthcare in Nigeria. He poured out his heart in an Instagram post lambasting the active players in the sector for playing with human lives with fake Hospitals and Doctors, fake Tests, Prescriptions, Extortions and Incompetence.

With this coming from CDQ, it shows that Nigeria’s health sector needs total revamping as human lives are not valued.

With CQD’s mother settled abroad, she is now enjoying her life with good medical care.

Read his Instagram post below.


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I see everyone pouring their hearts concerning the lawlessness in my Country Nigeria 🇳🇬 Honestly we need God fearing Leaders in all sectors with the love for the masses and appreciate lives 🙏                                                                 

 Since 2008 that I lost my dad, I’ve been nursing my Mum’s health as little as I am been the primogeniture of the family…at a point I almost gave up 😓 Took her to different hospitals from Public to Privates. All efforts to no avail 🤦‍♀️ 

So I made a decision to settle my mum Abroad not too long ago, and registered her for medicals over there. now see how Beautiful, Sound and Gorgeous she’s looking 😍👸🏻…

Thanks to all the fake Hospitals and Doctors out here for their fake Tests, Prescriptions, Extortions and Incompetence…uNa dey use human life to dey play kite for many many years… eyin werey gbogbo 👹

May God bless everyone with good hearts out there and grant us the power to give our parents proper care they deserve cos truly in this Country nobody cares 🤷‍♀️ … One Love ❤️ ✌️ #Masun

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