BurnaBoy Acquires A 2013 Ferrari

The Africa Giant Burna boy has just acquired a 2013 model Ferrari from Calidreams Automobile.

See the 2013 Ferrari:

Seems as if he got himself the Ferrari as a Christmas present. But the singer has not shared the post on his Instagram or any other social media platform.

All we have is the post shared on Instagram by the company who sold the car out. They also tagged Burnaboy in one of their post. Saying “Ferrari 458 Italia sold @burnaboygram.

Well it is not so certain if he actually acquired the car for himself. He could have just helped the company to advertise the car. But many are certain Burna boy is the owner of the Ferrari following the Instagram update.

In some of the pictures, Burna boy who has been nominated for the Grammy Awards was seen checking the interiors of the Ferrari and was happy seeing the car

See some pictures below:

Although, Burna Boy is yet to accept or deny this, knowing fully well that fans believe the car was sold and now belongs to him.

Fans are very observant and cannot do without giving remarks. However, some fans are wondering: what part of this country will Burna boy ride his Ferrari?, because Nigeria has bad roads and Ferrari on the other hand is very close to the ground and might get damaged once it enters pot-holes.

Some fans are congratulating The Africa Giant Burna boy already, whereas others wants to know why he got a 6 years model and not the latest model since he is the “Africa Giant”.

Furthermore others feel it is a waste of money getting a Ferrari. Until the Grammy nominee addresses this issue, fans will keep congratulating him.

Consequently, Burna’s English rapper girlfriend Steff London will also be thrilled about his new car but she is not “materialistic”.

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