The Assassins Kept Shooting for 30 minutes, No help from Anywhere, Angela Okorie Testifies, See Video of her Testimony

Angela Okorie

There are some realities that sound like ‘film trick’ or fiction. The reality of the assassination attempt on the life of Nollywood actress cum musician Angela Okorie is looking like one of such realities. But who can question God? After all, the Lord works in a mysterious way.

Just like they say, bad news sells faster, the sexy actress has become the talk of all media platforms since the news of the assassination attempt broke.

She took to Instagram on Sunday, less than two days after the incident, to testify how God saved her from the 14 bullets the assassins shot at her.

According to her Instagram post, 10 bullets were removed from her head and 2 bullets were removed close to her eyes.

The actress said the assassins kept shooting for 30 minutes, and no one came to her rescue except God. She urged her 3 million Instagram followers to join her live on Instagram to worship with her.

The actress also dropped a phone number (+2349074742282) saying that she would receive calls from some people and speak with them concerning the incident.

See the Instagram post here:

Afterwards, the actress did a live video on Instagram showing her followers the gunshot wounds close to her eyes and that of her head.

In the video, she said 10 bullets were removed from her head and two bullets were removed from her eyes. According to her, she did the live video to show her fans that she is alive.

See the video here:

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God gat ur back 🙏🙏 They get u Amen

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Despite the fact that she has shown all these to her fans, most of them still can believe how she managed to survive 10 bullets in her head and two near her eyes.

Instead of the live video to make the doubters believe her assassination story, they are even doubting her the more for having the strength to be so active on Instagram after 14 bullets.

Someone should please help us to tell them that there is still a miracle-working God who works in a mysterious way!

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