Hush Puppi Says Timaya Wears Fake Clothes, Timaya Fires Back That He Doesn’t Respond To People On Exile (VIDEO)

The battle line has be drawn as the rivalry between Hush Puppy the Gucci ambassador and Timaya the Egberi Papa one of Bayelsa, seems to be unending.

Initially Timaya shared a video and warns bloggers and others not to rate him with artists who wears fake outfits. Timaya says most Nigerian celebrities wear fake designers, adding that most of them are friends with tailors. When ever they see a style the fake celebrities will buy fake materials and sew same.

That is why Timaya doesn’t want to be rated with those celebrities because he claims he wears original.

Following this, Hush Puppi his greatest rival is saying otherwise. In a video, Husp Puppi was bladting Timaya using yoruba language. He said even the likes of Davido, Wizkid and Dbanj who wears original outfits are not bragging, who the hell is Timaya to brag about wearing original

See the video below:

In reply to this Timaya says he won’t respond to someone who is on exile. It is no news that Hush Puppi has been in Dubai for a very long time and has refused to return to Nigeria. Timeya goes further daring Hush Puppi to come back to Nigeria and see what will become of him. Otherwise he should shut up

See Timaya’s video below:

However, in one of Timaya’s song, the lyrics of the song was referring to Hush puppi. Many feel they are just jealous of one another.

The Gucci ambassador, Hush Puppi says being an hypocrite is worse than wearing fake clothes or fake wristwatches.

He further advised celebrities to wear whatever they like, life is hard. You can wear a fake clothe in as much as you don’t go about bragging.

Hush puppi concludes that Timaya has just upgraded to the level he was 3 years ago. The battle line has just been drawn.

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