The police shutdown Bobrisky’s 28 birthday party … he asked fans for money

Nigerian Crossdresser Bobriskly planned for a lavish birthday party but the unexpected happened when armed police showed up at his party. A group of Nigeria police armed with AK 47 showed up to stop the preparation for the event and order everyone to evacuate the building without giving a reason.

The Lagos police command later gave a vague reason for shutting down the event. The spokesperson said ”Police have sealed off the venue based on credible intelligence. That is the most brief I can give for now” he said.

Bobrisky was upset but he is powerless in this situation. He said about N 19 million went to waste because the party didn’t happen.

Bobrisky ask fans for money

He spent a lot of money on the party and he needed money so he turned to his fans to beg for money. He shared his account number on his social media page and asked his followers to send him money.

“Oya today is my birthday all my lover around the world. Start blessing me. It’s my f*cking birthday. In case you do dm me let me thank you. I appreciate people a lot. Love you all”. Bobrisky wrote as he disabled comments on his page.

Bobrisky ran out of money a few weeks ago and he asked his followers for money to fund this lavish party. Yesterday, he asked them for money again.

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Toke Makinwa reacts to the Police shutting down Bobrisky’s party.

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