The Super Falcons celebrates after advancing to round 16 of Fifa women’s World Cup

Nigeria women’s national soccer team celebrates in their hotel room after they discovered that they are through to round 16 of the women’s world cup knockout stage.   This marks the first time that the Super Falcons will advance to the knockout stage in 20 years.

Nigeria women’s team is in Group A of the 2019 women’s world cup tournament. They earned 3 points in all pre knockout stage matches and that was enough to see them through to the next round.

They won 2 – 0 against the Korea Republic, they lost 3 – 0 to Norway and they lost to France 1 – 0. The 3 points wouldn’t have been enough but luckily it was enough because Thailand lost 2 – 0 to Chile. 

Cameroon also qualified as the third best-placed team in the group, and that pushed the Super Falcons to the next round. 

Both Nigeria and Cameroon advanced to the knockout stage for the first time two African teams will reach the knockout stage of the Fifa World Cup.

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