The War Between Stormzy and Wiley in the UK Gets Hotter as Stormzy Still Awaits Wiley’s Reply [Video]

Wiley and Stormzy
Wiley and Stormzy

Within 8 days in 2020, Australia has been on fire for over 3 days; Iran and the United States have made the world so afraid of World War III; the royal family in the United Kingdom received the biggest blow when the closest hair to the throne, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan said they are bowing out from Royal duties and relocating to North America. Yet, the two biggest Grime music stars in the UK, Stormzy and Wiley have been going neck to neck at each other.

The beef between Stormzy and the legendary Wiley who is credited to be one of the pioneers of Grime kind of rap in the UK, started when Stormy made a song titled “Wiley Flow” as a homage to Wiley for his contribution to the Grime culture.

Instead of a thank you from Wiley, Stormzy got a diss-track from him to declare that he didn’t accept the homage. In the diss track titled: “Eediyat Skengman (Stormzy Send), Wiley blasted Stormzy for collaborating with pop stars like Ed Sheeran. In one of the lines of the song, Wiley said: “You never cared about grime, you just used it / Worse than Ed with your watered-down music.”

This angered Stormzy and forced him to hit the studio for a response. He released “Disappointed” where he also blasted the Grime legend saying: “The old man’s got a death wish / Old man, you’ll regret this/ Alright then, challenge accepted”.

When Stormzy waited for two days without a reply from Wiley, the rapper hit the studio again and dropped a follow-up diss-track which he titled “Still disappointed”. He didn’t just drop audio for it, he complimented it with a video which has kept every follower of Grime music on Twitter talking.

Some of the lines on “Still Disappointed” social media users have been trolling Wiley with are:
“So why you like to talk about mum so much?/Where’s yours?.
All the males in your family are weaklings… Yo fuckboi, tell me how you wanna die/ 24 hours to reply.”

The 24 hours ended today, Thursday, January 9, 2020, and Wiley has not responded. Hence, Twitter users have been using all kinds of derogatory memes to explain the state of emptiness and frustration the two diss-tracks have put Wiley in. A sound reply from the legend will be a huge blessing to the Grime culture which Stormzy is currently a king of.

Check out a clip from “Still Disappointed” by Stormzy to Wiley

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