This is why Lagos is the City for the rich, Be a Rich Nigerian in Lagos and have lesser Problems [Video]

An aerial photographs of a part in Lagos
An aerial photographs of a part in Lagos

The city of Lagos is one of the smallest cities in Nigeria, yet it is the most viable and populous city in the country. Average Nigerians who cannot make it to Europe or America, see Lagos as their alternative where they can make their tall dreams come alive; hence, the massive influx of people from all the corners of the country on a daily basis.

Lagosians complain about everything, from the poor power supply, high cost of transportation, security, high cost of livelihood, inadequate medical and social facilities, to the king of them all, “crazy traffic”. But no matter how much they have to complain about, they hardly leave the city.

No matter the weaknesses of the city of Lagos, one thing you can never take away from it is that it never sleeps. Another plus about the city is that people like to work hard and play harder. In fact, there is a popular myth that “if you can’t survive in Lagos, you can’t survive anywhere in the world”.

In Lagos, both the rich and the poor almost go through the same daily drama. Or let us say, Lagos is one of the few cities in the world where the rich also cry. For instance, no matter how wealthy you are in Lagos, you can’t fly over the traffic when moving from one point of the city to another point. And when the floods visit some waterside areas of the city, both the rich and the poor living in such an area will swim through it.

Why Lagos is not for the poor

An aerial photographs of a part in Lagos
An aerial photographs of a part in Lagos

Yet, you are almost the law if you are a wealthy personality in this city. With your money, you can buy the law. This is why one of the commonest lines you will hear when a fight wants to start between two gentlemen in Lagos is, “do you know who I am?” And then, the individual will pop out his phone and dial a number that can change any situation to his/her favour.

In summary, Lagos is not for the poor. No wonder all the means of transportation for the poor – “Okada and Keke Napep” are banned in most parts of the city.

A video retrieved on Twitter today, February 8, 2020, showing two Lamborghinis on the popular Lekki Ikoyi link bridge in Lagos is proof that this city is not for the poor. In the video filmed at night, Police officers were seen on the bridge checking out the Lamborghinis and then permitted them to go.

The cars zoomed off in the fastest speed possible which can only be imagined in a professional car race. The officers looked away like some good amount of money has already exchanged hands.

The interesting part of the video is that immediately the cars zoomed off, the voice of a police officer could be heard telling other vehicles not to “follow them”.

Watch the clip below:

So, if you want to enjoy Lagos, don’t live in Lagos as a poor man, live in this city as a hustler.

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