Three Legends Under One Shade, Check Out This Timeout With Jay-Jay Okocha, Rudeboy of Psquare and Jude Okoye

Left Rudeboy of Psquare, Jude Okoye and Jay-Jay Okocha
Left Rudeboy of Psquare, Jude Okoye and Jay-Jay Okocha

When men gather with red cups in their hands, you will know that they are having a ‘Detty’ time. Talk less of when three legends in their own rights decide to hang out at the same spot less than two days to a new year.

The gist is about the gathering of Nigeria’s football legend, Jay-Jay Okocha, Nigerian Music Superstar, Rudeboy of Psquare and his elder brother, Jude Okoye, a Music Video director.

They were all chilling under a shade at an unidentified beach in Lagos. They were all holding a red cup which they are definitely using to do what men like them can do effortlessly. The big smile on Jay-Jay Okocha’s face summarised the kind of time the trio were having.

Rudeboy posted the picture on his Instagram page and captioned it “Men #Beachlife” tagging Jay-Jay Okocha, and his elder brother, Jude Okoye. His brother, Jude, commented on the post saying “Beach life bitches”.

As people were singing the praises of the men on the picture, a few of them commented that the picture would have been very complete if Mr P, the twin brother of Rudeboy was there with them.

The Psquare fame crashed in 2016 after an uncontrollable family feud ensued among the three brothers – Jude, Rudeboy and Mr P. The feud is said to be related to a perceived lopsidedness in individual input of songs.

Mr P (Peter) alleged that rudeboy (Paul) was getting more features on their joint albums, and their elder brother who doubled as their manager and music video producer could not manage the situation. Mr P walked out on the family leaving Rudeboy to continue doing his thing with Jude.

This is the Instagram post Rudeboy of Psquare shared showing him and other two legends:

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