Timaya’s new car is a Mercedes-Benz Maybach

Timaya pulled up to church in a Maybach. 

The Afrobeat veteran is rolling in money.  He is successful and loves nice things. He lives quiet sometimes but his music is loud and entertaining. 

A 2018 Maybach S560 starts at $168,600 while the 2018 Maybach S650 starts at $198,700.  Timaya owns one of them. A Maybach is a Mercedez luxury car.

We didn’t see the backside of Timaya Maybach, as a result we can’t tell which brand he has. But we know it cost a lot of money. 

Timaya owns fleet of cars  

*Range Rover 


*G Wagon (Mercedes Benz G 55 AMG)

*Lexus Truck 

*Benz SUV

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