I Might Be Older But I Am Sweeter – Tiwa Savage Says Her Relationship With Wizkid Is Nobody’s Business

Tiwa says

It is not an unknown fact that wizkid and Tiwa savage are in a romantic relationship, more like a “friends with benefits” kind of relationship. Tiwa says her relationship with Wizkid is nobody’s business.

Months back, in an interview with Cool FM, Tiwa Savage was asked about her relationship with Wizkid. She replied that she and Wizkid are friends, they sing together and do a couple of things together.

However, in their last performance together on stage, Wizkid refused to touch Tiwa Savage’s “bumbum” when she bent low. Naturally, it is a usual thing for Wizkid to caress Tiwa’s bumbum publicly. But on that day he simply ignored it.

But now, Tiwa savage has openly addressed and confirmed the relationship between Wizkid and her. She affirms that she and Wizkid are having sexual intercourse.

Before their performance on stage, Tiwa addressed the audience. She says her relationship with Wizkid is not anybody’s business.

Furthermore, she might be older, not even might. She is older than Wizkid with several years but she claims she looks good and she is sweeter. She says older women are sweeter. Is this true?

The female singer added that her relationship with Wizkid is one on one and not a community relationship.

After her marriage with Teebliz crashed, Tiwa Savage is left with a son to cater for. Now she is in a relationship with Wizkid. The question is where will the relationship lead to?. Is it a no string attached kind of relationship. Imagine Wizkid having other girlfriends how will Tiwa Savage feel?. Will she be jealous and throw tantrums?. Or is she old enough to handle and clean up her mess like nothing happened?.

The above questions are what is running throughgh the minds of her fans. But Wizkid is kind of private about their relationship. He is yet to acknowledge the relationship going on between him and Tiwa Savage.

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