Tobi Bakre Engages Kimoprah In Dubai Secretly

Tobi Bakre secretly engages Kimoprah in Dubai

Reality TV stars, Tobi Bakre secretly engages Kimoprah in Dubai. However, it was Teddy A and BamBam that just tied the knot, now Tobi and Kimoprah.

Report has it that, Tobi who is a former BBNaija housemate from “double wahala” season 3 and Kimoprah from “Pepper Dem” season 4 are planning to tie the knot soon.

However, a few months ago, rumor says that Tobi and Kimoprah are in a serious relationship and about to Wed. Although Kimoprah denied it, even after posting “someone’s wife-to-be” on her IG story.

Meanwhile, a blogger also confirms it that some big brother ex-housemates are planning to tie the knot anytime soon.

Consequently, Tobi wrote this words: “God I was willing to wait to 30/35. But you made it all possible at 25!. Forever grateful”.

Obviously, that is a confirmation about his Union which God has done at age 25. Also, they are secretive about their engagement.

Since celebrities are fond of deleting posts, no evidence is found on their social media pages. Consequently, Tobi is rumored to have had a relationship with CeeC on the show. Then no more news about them until now.

Meanwhile, BBNaija ex-housmates are looking inward. That means they are not giving room for outsiders to engage their Ladies. First was Bambam and Teddy A, followed by Mercy and Ike’s affair. Later Kaffy and Gedoni. Now Tobi and kimoprah. LOL

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