Tobi “ I know what to do to get Ceec Upset” says Ceec need to stop acting for the fans

The BBNaija Reunion is going on and the reunion is just as interesting as the main show was. Ceec and Tobi are at it again and Tobi reitereated the If he wants to get Ceec upset this minute, he knows what to do and that she also knows what to do to get on his nerves.

Tobi sat down with the rest of the cast of the Big Brothers Naija Show and said that things need to change. “I have been seeing her going hot and cold. I am passing on a message that lets move past it, because me I am tired..  I left the house already and lets no longer create drama for the people. Let’s stop acting for the camera; let’s not act for the fans. I know Ceec. If I want to get Ceec angry this minute, I know what to do. And if she wants to get me angry too I think she knows what to do.  We were honest with each other when we were friends. But thing turns sour. We are adults.

Let’s move on from this. There are lots of things we could do together. There are lots of opportunities out there.  I am going to tell you, lets move beyond this.” – Tobi

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