Toke Makinwa Charged against Nollywood actor that condemn dangerous cosmetic surgery

Nigerian media personality Toke Makinwa confirmed in the past that she did some cosmetic jobs to enhance her body and she said she was proud of it. According to reports, she got her abs, booty and breast done. She’s also an advocate for plastic surgery even if it’s dangerous and it can kill or cause serious health conditions.

Speaking on plastic surgery, Toke Makinwa is a firm supporter, she said: “If you are someone who wants to get a boob job for yourself, if you want to get any part of your body enhanced, don’t let anybody shame you for making those choices. It is the same God that gave the scientist the brain to invent certain things like phones, sim cards, that gave doctors the brain to find new ways to make the body better”.

The cosmetic surgery conversation resurfaced today when Nigeria actor Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD) criticized women who undergo cosmetic surgery to alter their body.

Having been there and done that, I can tell you for free that weight loss, weight gain, butt enlargement, boob lift, marriage, buying/building your own house, having kids, wearing expensive clothes and shoes CANNOT make you truly happy. Mostly, the things we do to show others we are beautiful, made, tough and/or connected are things that magnify our insecurities. A man who is secure in himself has no urge to flaunt wealth, I’m yet to see Alh. Dangote post a picture of his “machines” or of him “chilling in his private jet”. A woman who is secure in her looks has no urge to go under the knife for enhancement, think Michelle Obama. True happiness comes from knowing who you are (self-discovery) and loving yourself, “even though…” Anyone who can live without caring about the validation of others is the one who has found true happiness.” RMD said in a long post on social media.

Toke Makinwa’s post was a charge back to what RMD said, read her response below.

Toke’s response “who are you to tell a man/woman what to do with their body? whats all the fuss? if you believe in cosmetic surgery, by all means. If you don’t, that’s ok too. Stop trying to condemn those who do. Live and let others live too”.

Richard Mofe responded to Toke Makinwa, he said: “Hey, my name is Richard Mofe-Damijo and I said what I said. Proverbs 23: 9  #SelfLove“.

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