Toke Makinwa ” If you are happily married, you are tolerating Bullsh*t”

When a woman speaks her mind she may come off uptight to many people. Toke Makinwa seems uptight with her recent take on marriage and some people do not like her idea of a happy marriage. She said she is not the type to tolerate bullsh*t just because she wants to be happily married.

In our words, Toke said: “If tolerating BS is what you guys call happy – marriage, pls count me out. I am not afraid of being alone, If I give it another chance and I am unhappy I will leave again. Call me crazy or whatever but I am not your average and I will always choose me first“.

she prewarned many people that her second divorce may happen if she’s unhappy with whoever she ends up with.

She is 35 and ready to remarry and have children but she starn on not bending over backwards just to have a happy marriage.

We decided to screenshot the message in case she deletes it.

She is preparing for her 35th birthday in November and she also making plans to have a family. A few days ago, she asked her fans if they want her to get married first or just have a child. see the post below.

“Should I marry first or have kids” Toke Makinwa

Here are the responses to her question.

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