Social Media on fire as Tonto, Bobrisky vs Stella Dimoko draws the battleline! (Must read)

Tonto Dikeh blasts a Nigerian blogger

Tonto Dikeh blasts a Nigerian blogger whose name is Stella for reporting fake news about her. The actress says the blogger begged her for money and she refused to give her. Stella is known as SDK.

The incident started with news of Tonto deported for fighting with security guards in Dubai. Which later appears to be false. Tonto dikeh says a politician gifted her son a house which bloggers report to be lies.

Immediately after Tonto Dikeh’s return from Dubai, she said the reason for this negative report from the blogger arises because blogger SDk begged her for some money. Which Tonto Dikeh refused to give her and promises to share proof to her fans if the need be.

However, in a bid to support his friend, Bobrisky who just did a “Lipsuction surgery” shares a video without showing his face. He didn’t show his face because of his present condition. In the video he insulted the blogger for dragging he and his bestie out.

Nonetheless, social media is in fire as both parties shares their part of the stories. Before I could screen shot Tonto Dikeh’s post she already deleted it. However, here is Stella Dimoko side if the story.

The Nigerian blogger says the incident revolving around money happened 3years ago. Stella says she had an encounter with a woman whose child is a sickle cell 3years ago and the woman need 200k to treat her sick child.

Stella says she approached Tonto Dikeh to assist the woman, instead Tonto made empty promises.

Interestingly, Tonto and Bob are tag team fighting against the blogger, the two parties however, insult themselves on Instagram exposing some secrets. Bob also deleted his posts on instagram but I was able save some.

see the post below:

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