Tonto Dikeh ” Davido is a small boy, 2face has too many kids”

Tonto Dikeh continues to reach offensively without care of what people think about her. She began a vicious attack on her ex-husband Olakunle Churchhill, and she touched other celebrities in the process. Tonto and her ex-husband married in the year 2015 but they divorced in 2017.

Tonto Dikeh “ my ex-husband Churchill has premature ejaculation problem, he cheats and he’s into fraud” 

She accidentally attacked Davido and 2face while making a case about her ex-husband being a deadbeat dad. She claimed that her ex-husband was irresponsible; ” He doesn’t take care of his kids, even Davido, A small boy is taking care of his kids, Wizkid is paying child support and taking care of his kids, and 2 face who has a lot of children all around is also taking care of his kids. But Churchill is useless and broke.

“Anything that has his name is dirty; I buried him long ago in my head. If he continues like this, I will wake up one day and tell my son that his father is dead. 

I am a woman, we don’t train kids for men, and men should take care of their children. Look at Davido, a small boy, he is taking care of his children, Wizkid is taking care of his children, paying child support and 2face that has a million kids is taking care of his children.  This man you have only 2 that I know, confirmed you don’t take care of them but you constantly come out to lie and discredit the women in your life.” Tonto said during her interview with DaddyFreeze.