Mirror Exposes Tonto Dikeh After She Pretended To Be Speaking To The Crowd In An Event, The Chairs Were Empty!

Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh is a pretender, she has been busted for pretending to speak to the crowd in Modul University Dubai. In the real sense she only went as a guest.

The glass has exposed her to be speaking to empty chairs. Obviously, when the event ended she took pictures when everyone had vacated the hall. Unaware that the mirror will expose her.

She and her camera man, were obviously the only ones left in the hall, when she quickly took pictures pretending to be one of the speakers.

Compare this two pictures and see for yourself:

Look behind and see Tonto talking to empty chairs
Unlike the real speaker with crowds showing on the mirror

Obviously, this two pictures are different as one is real whereas Tonto Dikeh’s picture is a scam

Moreover, she didn’t even attend as a special guest, she was sitting at the last row in the event in Modul University Dubai.

See the picture for confirmation:

What will she say this time?. Although she didn’t say she was giving a lecture she only took pictures in pretence.

Tonto Dikeh even took another picture as if she was asking a question from the audience.

See the picture:

Fans will not let her rest now, they are busy insulting and calling Tonto Dikeh a fake ass.

However, fans are calling Tonto Dikeh a pretender, she will probably insult any fan who troll her to be fake. Her best friend Bobrisky will soon be running around to fight for her.

Yet this is another pretence from the actress, at first she lied to have received a diamond wristwatch and an apartment In Dubai. Before the politician Timi Frank exposed that he didn’t gift Tonto Dikeh any wristwatch. Neither did he buy her son a house in Dubai, since Timi doesn’t even own a house to himself in Dubai.

The question now is why the lies and pretence?. Is that a criterion for being famous?.

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