Tonto Dikeh is in Trouble in Dubai, She May Be Deported

Tonto Dikeh

If the reports emanating from the tourist’s heaven is anything to go by, Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh risk deportation from Dubai.

The 34 years old mother of one travelled to the Arab city a few days ago. According to her series of Instagram posts, she went there to “pack the money” of her so-called ‘Big Brother’, Timi Frank.

She earlier posted an expensive wristwatch Timi Frank bought for her. She announced to her over 5 million Instagram followers that her ‘Big Brother’ also got her and her son, King, a luxurious apartment in Dubai.

Timi Frank and Tonto Dikeh in Dubai

The actress also posted pictures of her and her “friend”, Bobrisky hanging out in Dubai.

Bob and Tonto in Dubai,

Amidst all the good things she has been sharing on Instagram since she got to Dubai, it seems there is something she has not told us.

Well, there are strong reports that the once Nollywood darling but now Instagram sweetheart got into a verbal war with security officers at a nightclub in Dubai last night.

According to the reports, the security men refused to let her into the clubhouse while they allowed others who met her and her company, Timi and Bob there.

The emotional socialite couldn’t take the wait any longer as she unleashed her “troublesome wife” acting skill on them. When the situation went out of control, they had to call the police to intervene and the police reportedly arrested her.

All things being equal, her funfair in Dubai may be cut short if the money of her “rich uncle” is not enough to solve the problem.

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