Tonto Dikeh responds to her baby daddy “ a worthless man would always be a worthless man”

Tonto Dikeh’s baby daddy, Olakunle Churchill said in an interview that his marriage with Tondo Dikeh was a movie script.   Tonto and Olakunle Churchill married in 2015 but they divorced in 2017. 

Tonto Dikeh was the first person to blast her ex-husband during an interview. “You and all of them are mad. Why is no one talking to my face let me be slapping them?  I married you with my money, clothed you with my money, fed you with my money, training your child with my money, offered to pay child support for your daughter with my money and you think I will spend another dime of my money paying blogs to writhe about you?  In your gorilla looking frog  “ – Tondo Dikeh said this about her ex husband.  

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