May Your Weekend Be Smoother Than My Forehead – Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh says a word of prayer

The Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh says a word of prayer to her fans. She shares a picture of herself on Instagram praying that may their weekend be smoother than her forehead.

The picture shows her forehead full of pimples and she said she has not had pimples for over four years.

She however ask fans what she can use to clear her pimples. Does she not know what to use or is she kidding?

These are the exact words she wrote:
MAY YOUR WEEKEND BE SMOOTHER THAN MY FOREHEAD…wish you all a beautiful weekend, Love you all (please what can I use for my pimples, not had them in over 4 years)”

See the picture below:

Nonetheless, is it possible for her not to have pimples for over four years?. Well female celebrities are fond of concealing their faces with makeup.

Meanwhile, fans will think celebrities are very fresh, at times some fans may even be depressed when seeing celebrities looking good.

Social Media can be very deceiving, there are sophisticated application mainly for picture editing. After using this apps they appear clean and fresh but in the real life they are not as fresh as they appear.

Look at another actress, Halimah Abubakar who reveals her real face. Her face is full of blemishes, black spots, and pimples. She says her face has been like that for over a year.

However, merely looking at her face with make-up you will think you have seen a goddess but in real life it is horrible.

Instead of Tonto Dikeh asking fans about how to clear pimples. Why can’t she channel the question to her best friend Bobrisky?.

Maybe Tonto Dikeh doesn’t want to trouble Bobrisky. Also, Bobrisky is yet to show his new shape.

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