Tonto Dikeh threatens former charity foundation partner Olubunmi Fagbuyiro of holding the foundation’s bank account hostage “ I will make sure one of you sons die”.

Tonto Dikeh’s former partner leaked a private message to show the world that Tonto Dikeh plans harm him and his children. Olubunmi Fagbuyiro was part of charity foundation with Tonto Dikeh. They worked together to raise funds from the public in an effort to relay the money over to the needed.   Tonto Dikeh was frustrated because she couldn’t secure the account from Olubunmi Fagbuyiro after she claimed that he was fired from the foundation.  

However; Olubunmi blamed Tonto’s bad signature for the reason why the account wasn’t released by the bank.  Tonto said “Dear Mr. Bunmi, if this boy under my watch just because you feel not signing off my foundation account is dealing with me. I will come for your own children; I will make sure one of yours dies.  You are not a team member anymore”. 

Her former foundation partner Olubunmi leaked the private message and fired back. He said that Tonto Dikeh is running a fake foundation. He said “ Tonto Dikeh, if anything happens to me and my children I will hold you responsible for it. I believe you are evil and dangerous. 

Olubunmi also revealed that Tonto Dikeh falsely arrested him with SARS and that he did not commit any crime.  

Full text of what he wrote about Tonto is below 

I believe u are evil and dangerous too to have crafted a message as dangerous as this…u have never spoken to me even though u have my number on this same issue for the past two years of not working with u again. 
U might think u have all the connection but I won’t be calm with a message as destructive about me and my children, no never. The above screenshot is a threat message received from Mrs Tonto Dikeh of the Tonto Dikeh foundation through her management. 
I think I should be the best to talk on her manipulation and the crafty ways she uses to indite people and use her connection on Innocents. 
U have used same on me by arresting me with SARS even though u confirmed I never stole anything from you, it amazed me to hear u when the police asked why u have to arrest a man as noble as this… All u can say is ” I just want to show u that I am more connected than me In this country”, even the above message speaks volume of this. 
You are only doing this because u know I am a calm personality. This time I am not gonna be calm, the whole world knows u ve ur own child and I know how u guard him jealously. I am. Sure u will never be calm with a half of a message of this magnitude.

On the foundation account I have signed same document twice and was reject by the bank cos u and ur management failed to do the right thing, My name was spelt wrongly twice and your signature were irregular. All these faults were not from me but from u and ur team. 
Now after 2years u are coming with this damaging threats even as a fake humanitarian that u call ur self. 
Your arrogance, jealousy and disrespect for human sucks. 
I am just here to tell the world that if anything happens to me and any of my children the world must hold u responsible.

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