Shine Your Eyes Don’t Let These Abroad Men Use You – Tonto Dikeh Advises Ladies

Tonto says shine your eyes and don’t let abroad men use you.

Who would have thought Tonto Dikeh will be a special adviser to ladies as she recently took to her Instagram advising ladies. Tonto says shine your eyes and don’t let abroad men use you.

Who is she advising? Is she not one of the ladies involved in having relationships with sugar daddies?.

However, the Nigerian actress says it is Christmas season. A season where men who have travelled out of the country comes back home saying “I JUST GOT BACK”. Only to promise you marriage that will never happen.

Meanwhile, Tonto Dikeh says she is only advising like a big sister that half of these men will end up wasting your time. With fake marriage proposals.

She went further to state that half of these men are married. They will however approach you with lines like ” MY MARRIAGE IS NOT WORKING”. While the other half will give you one thousand dollars and end up borrowing ten thousand dollars from you all in the name of love.

Immediately after Christmas, these abroad men will run away without giving you back your money. They will cook up pathetic lies like “my ATM is not working”.

The question is, is Tonto Dikeh talking out of personal experience?. Experience they say is the best teacher, maybe she was once a victim of these abroad men. Probably she doesn’t want to disclose it to the public. LOL.

Nonetheless, the Nigerian Actress is not only good at fighting she is also good at advising. Maybe she should direct the advice to people who really needs it.

Additionally, it’s been a while Tonto Dikeh features in any movie. Is she giving up her acting career?. She is not even singing those her horrible songs anymore.

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