Tonyin Lawani’s new model exposes Bobrisky’s secrets and Bob fired back

There is another loud transgender in town and he is ready to come after Bobrisky.  His name is Johntel Peters and he goes by the name Black Barbie.  He now models for the same person that Bobriky used to work for. Therefore, the competition is high and they are coming for each other on social media.  

This guy doesn’t bleach, well, not yet.  He dresses like a lady and can dance in high heels and other things.  

Bobrisky used to work for Toyin Lawani as a model until things became sour between them.   Toyin Lawani fired Bobriksy and Bobriky continued to attack her on social media. 

Her birthday was few days ago, and Bobrisky called her out and said she is a broke B*tch and that she was asking for money on her birthday.  

“ Hey bitch we all know you are so broke stop wasting money you don’t have on birthday. Shade of life!!!  “ – Bobriksy wrote this on his social media, he was referring to Toyin Lawani. 

“ To start with who collect donations on a birthday? Lmao.  Oga sir who force you do birthday.   Spend according to your pocket I warned people they don’t hear. They want to carry me, notice me. Difference between a poor B*tch and a Rich B*tch. I am off – Bobrisky added. 

Bobrisky said all these things and it didn’t take long for Toyin Lawani’s new Drag queen model Johntel stepped up to defend his boss.  

“ Bobrisky was thrown out of Toyin Lawani’s company with security guards. Bobrisky’s horrible body odor was affecting Toyin’s clothes and the odor will stick to anybody. Toyin Lawani was trying to help Bobrisky’s life and was even feeding him. He is a liar “ Johntel said on IG. 

Auntcle Risky was furious after he heard this and he lashed out at Toyin Lawani and her son (He was referring to Johntel as Toyin’s son).  “See how ugly he look here. Tell your mother Toyin Lawanni to come for me. You are freaking too small for trust me.

Since your mother want another episode of dis fight am ready for dis. Do I have to blame dis dirty looking rat?

Since Toyin now wear you wigs and gowns y won’t you open your dirty mouth to tell me she made me. Toyin Lawani can never wear wig or clothes on her son but she feels comfortable wearing it on other people sons, which is not my business.

Like I said earlier I don’t have issues with you I have fight with your mother with different babies from different father!!!!!

Rubbish if your mother wasn’t broke wat took her all the months to refund my money. You all must be crazy”.

The beef is still going on strong and we will update you soon.  

This guys said that Bobrisky abandoned his mother and that his brother Ahmed died of Aids.

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