Top 5 Sexiest Female Artistes in Nigeria

If you are asked this question that who is the sexiest female artiste in Nigeria, who will that be?

Well, if you do not have anyone in mind for the sexiest female artists in Nigeria, we have compiled a list of some of the sexiest female artists in Nigeria.

Reasonably, we hope some of those artists that you admired a lot will make the list.


Mercy Johnson Okojie is a Nigerian actress, wife, and mother. She is one of the most popular faces that ruled our screen for years. Mercy Johnson was active in the industry before she got married. However, movie lovers began to see less of the star after she got married.

Interestingly, Mercy Johnson is married and blessed with three kids, in fact, she is currently expecting her fourth child with her husband. However, despite having three babies there is something still spectacular about the television star. Mercy has been able to maintain her stature and sumptuous physique.


Tiwa Savage is believed to be the Queen of African pop. For years the sexy and delectable mother of one ruled the entire Africa race when it comes to music.

Funnily, Tiwa Savage was rumored to be having an affair with Wizkid. The speculation became stronger when Wizkid released a visual to one of his songs ‘Fever’. In the video, Tiwa Savage displayed her banging body on camera with Wizkid in a very raunchy position.


Yemi Alade is one of my favorites female artists. I can trade a million dollars for this fine African queen. She is regarded as ‘Mama Africa’ because of her obsession with the African race.

Hardly will Yemi Alade dress without a touch of African style. She has a sexy body that will make any man open his mouth ajar at the sight of her. She is big, bold and beautiful, ain’t no one more beautiful than this woman.


Adesua Etomi is unarguably one of the prettiest and hottest women in Nigeria. I would bet a million dollars that before her and even after her marriage, she was and she is still the spec of most men. The pretty sexy Edo born had a secret affair with music artist, BankyW and until the day that they got married they kept their relationship a secret. There is no doubt that BankyW got married to one of Africa’s finest women.


Daniella Okeke is a veteran Nollywood actress from Imo State Nigeria. The movie star has featured in quite a number of movies which has earned her a favorite spot in the minds of people.

It is pertinent to note that the more this beautiful African star grows, the more beautiful and sexy she becomes. A man who is not so sure of his destiny and ambition could give them up just to spend a night with this goddess. Daniella has got the perfect combo that could cause any man to go insane.

Do you feel the list is incomplete yet? Kindly add your favorite and most sexy female celebrities in the comment box below.

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