Toyin Lawani shows her *ss in see through Lingerie and a fan attacked her

Toyin Lawani is an actress and she runs multiple businesses in Lagos, Nigeria.  She was born on March 1 st, 1982; she is 37 years old as of March 2019.  She is an award-wining actress who has earned many recognitions for numerous movie award shows in Nigeria.  

She is from a rich family says people who are familiar with her.  Her late mom owns a successful textile company and a beauty store before death.  Toyin Lawani’s mom died in USA after brief illness. 

Her family is involved in politics; her grandfather was the commissioner of police during his time with the Nigeria police force.  She is a movie director, a skin care specialist   and she owns several businesses.  

She is pretty with a nice body and she isn’t afraid to show her nice figure.  She shared raunchy picture of herself on a couch and her booty was showing. A follower called her out for it and Toyin fired back with insult.  She was wearing a very sexy black see through lingerie in the picture.  

A fan called her out for showing too much of her body “ I wonder why a woman with so much money like you will post naked I am sure it’s not for money this is why they will be getting old no husband” says a follower.  

Toyin responded with a harsh push back “ You see how daft you are, so if I don’t continue to work, how will I get more money and how are you sure I don’t have a husband? and if not for money what’s the Reason ? and this ain’t even naked. Lastly don’t forget this is my page, don’t be confused, you have to choose one struggle, it’s either you want to insult or praise choose one biko. “ –  Toyin Lawani. 

Toyin Lawani has 3 children and she hints that she has a husband in the post above.

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