Trump administration unveils new rules to stop foreign women from traveling to US to give birth

United States of America’s government led by President Donald Trump has made a move to strengthen the immigration policy as it makes an attempt to stop pregnant foreign women from coming to the US to give birth. The new policy is done to make it more difficult for people to take advantage of a tourist visa to come into the country to give birth so as to earn their child the right to US citizenship.

It was reported that the US government took measures to stop the usual tradition of people taking advantage of the B1 visa category to come and give birth in the country so that their child can obtain US citizens automatically by birth. According to the report, the new rule will take effect on Friday.

In a statement released by the State department which reads;

“The final rule addresses concerns about the attendant risks of this activity to national security and law enforcement, including criminal activity associated with the birth tourism industry, as reflected in federal prosecutions of individuals and entities involved in that industry,”

The new rule will also put strict measures on tourists coming into the country for medical purposes. The State Department disclosed that they will need to prove beyond doubt “to the satisfaction of a consular officer” that they are coming for medical purposes alone and there is a medical facility in the US that has agreed to provide medical care before they can be issued the Visa.

Donald Trump has been specifically strict on immigration policy since he came into power. Recall that President Donald Trump had earlier made a move to add six more countries to the US travel ban list.

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