Tweeters Demand Justice For Dead Girl After Hospital Refuse to Treat Her without Police Report

Nigerian tweeters have taken over the social media space seeking justice for Moradeun, a Nigerian lady that was robbed and stabbed in the neck. The victim was rushed to a hospital in Gbagada Area of Lagos. However, she was rejected because a police clearance could not be provided.

In a series of tweets with hashtag #getjusticeforMoradeun, Nigerians have expressed their bitterness about the unpleasant situation.

Available information online revealed that the victim was going about her normal business on the day she met her death. She was robbed by some unidentified hoodlums. They went away with her possessions and stabbed her in the neck.

Moradeun was left in the pool of her own blood by her assailants. However, she was taken to the hospital by members of the community who were moved by compassion. An unpleasant incident occurred at the hospital. A place where life ought to be saved first.

Unfortunately, the hospital refused to treat dying Moradeun without police clearance. Despite all plea, the hospital still refused to treat the dying victim. Moradeun died in the hospital after losing so much blood.

Consequently, Nigerians could no longer hide their anger against the hospital, security operatives and the government. Reasonably, some of the tweeters urged the ministry of health to withdraw the license of the hospital.

See some of the tweets below

Obviously, death is an inevitable part of human life. However, it is painful to see people die from circumstances that can be prevented.

Hence, Nigerians have called on the government to get justice for dead Moradeun.

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