Twitter Santa Claus Not For DJ Cuppy, Gets Fans Backing

DJ Cuppy

On Monday, Nigerian Disc Jockey and Producer, Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, professionally known as DJ Cuppy has reacted in a tweet to those who say she does not do money giveaways.

According to her, doing money giveaways makes her feel like she is paying people to be her fans.

“To all my cupcakes that complain I don’t do money giveaways, I hear you but I always felt like that was essentially paying people to be your fans”, she said in her tweet.

One Matthew Wamad @matthewwamad responded to her tweet saying, “No ma, it is compensation for the trauma and emotional turmoil we go through enduring your music. We still love you sha. Music or no music, you are adorable”.

Wamad is popular on Twitter for his constant Twitter giveaways he often stages on the platform. Users of the platform believe that he earned his followers through the giveaways.

Hence, his reaction to DJ Cuppy tweet did not go down well with the DJ’s fans. They came out hard on Wamad and defended her using the hashtag #Freecuppy.

Many followers of the celebrity DJ and daughter of Billionaire businessman, Femi Otedola, urged Wamad to mind his business and leave Cuppy alone.

They reminded him that he is known for nothing rather than the giveaways he always stages to gain some clouts.

No Shaking!

However, Wamad was not moved by the attacks against him. He went on to tweet: “Mazi stands by his tweets and needs nobody to fight or validate him. Everyone has a right to agree or disagree with my opinion, does not make them enemies or friends. Will it stop me from doing good to anyone? Never! I have had my say, let others have theirs”.

The 26 years old pretty face DJ came back on the platform surprised that she was trending. She then tweeted: “Please… Why am I trending on twitter?”

Her loyal fans began to explain to her how they have been defending her against a “Twitter Santa Claus”.

Fans Defend DJ Cuppy

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