Coronavirus case in Nigeria – Uber driver alleges he may have been the driver that picked the Italian man from airport

Nigerian wake up at the early hours of 28th of February to hear the shocking news of Coronavirus outbreak in Nigeria. Our fear grew longer than the pair of our trousers after the deputy governor of Lagos State, Dr. Obafemi Hamzat disclosed earlier today that the Italian man who brought the virus into Lagos Nigeria was brought into the state from Ogun State where he had gone to for business deal.

This news has greatly increased the fear of many people as there are speculations that the man may have had contacts with many people.

Read the news below:

Deputy Governor of Lagos, Obafemi Hamzat reveals that Italian man who brought Coronavirus to Nigeria was first at Ogun State before he came to Lagos (Video)

Dr. Hamzat revealed that the government is all out to track everyone that have had contacts with the Italian man to stop the quick spread of the virus in Nigeria.

An uber driver identified as @boldyemi has taken to Twitter to disclose that he may have come in contact with the infected Italian man. According to him, he went to the airport to pick up an Italian on the 26th of February. He talked, chatted and even dine with the Italian man.

See his tweets below:

Reasonably, Nigerians have commended the Uber driver for coming out to identify himself, he was hailed for trying to help the government in the fight against the virus. However, it is not sure if the Italian man that the Uber driver had contact with is the same Italian man that is infected with the virus.

Since it is not the only one Italian man that entered into country on that fateful day, there may have been more than one Italian man. There should be a more active precaution put in place to get every tourists tested before they are allowed to get into country.

Meanwhile, in another tweet, the Uber driver alleged that it was not the same Italian man that was tested positive that he had contact with, he only declared openly that he also had contact with an Italian man on the said date that was reported that the man came into the country.

See his tweets below:

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