Ubi Frankin accused of getting his staff pregnant

Ubi Franklin is the founder of Triple M G record label and he’s been in few controversies lately.  He co-owned the record label that Iyanya, Tekno and Emma Nyra were signed to. 

Iyanya accused him of fraud and forgery, Emma Nyra made her own claims against him and Tekno distanced himself from him.   These were recent and yet Ubi is back on the news with another allegation.  

He was accused of getting his staff pregnant and he is expecting his 3rd child with his 3rd baby mama.  

Nicole Siyo is expected to be Ubi Franklin’s third baby mama.  Ubi has 2 Children Jayden and Zaneta, and his 3rd born is on his way. It going to be a boy, and he confirmed this news with a post on his social media account. He wrote “ happy to announce Jayden and Zaneta will have a boy join them very soon. He shall be called….. , cant wait’. 

Ubi was not married to his first baby mama (Zaneta’s mom) but he married Jayden’s mother (Lilian Esoro), they are now divorced.  

Internet trolls attacked him aggressively, but he defended himself, he used a bible quote to fend them off. He referenced to himself as a blessed man; he said he’s being attacked because he’s blessed and anointed.

“Unreasonable attacks illuminate the magnitude of your anointing. For you are blessed from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet”, he wrote in his response to trollers.

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