Ubi Franklin shares his side of the story, “Iyanya Lied .. he falsely accused me of forgery .. he didn’t want to be part of Tekno’s deal”

If you recall, Iyanya accused of Ubi Franklin of taking advantage of him. He said that Ubi tampered with his contract, Ubi stole from him and forged my signature. 

Ubi discussed his wife, son, and relationship with Iyanya. 

Ubi’s transcript of the allegation.  When asked what happened Ubi said “ On the 21 in 2012, we went to one of the top record labels that used to live Omole at the time. We went there to visit them, we had drinks at the poolside, but they invited Iyanya to the house for a private conversation without my consent.  On our way home, Iyanya said that P-Square said that that they wanted to sign him.  So I was upset and furious, I said “ Why would you let them sign you, we are a team, if they pull you out it will be difficult and we worked hard to make sure that you get a head start. Emma Nyra and co is a team.  

I asked Iyanya, why would you let them sign you, the whole team that came with you Emma Nyra, D tunes, I made him understand the thing; that time I was just managing him. We drove from Omole, when we got back home, I told him that “ Iyanya, I don’t think you should sign with P-Square” Iyanya said that no, no money. He seems like he wanted to go have to P-Square. The easiest thing I can do is look for money so I told him doesn’t worry, the money will come.  

Iyanya said that he is not cut out for the business part of the music business. When we started a business and came up with the business name, I told Iyanya that I want to register the business but Iyanya said that he is not interested in starting the business. 

May 21, 2012, was the first CAC from the inception of the 2012 document; Iyanya wasn’t part of the business because he said that he didn’t want to be part of it. I agreed, the plan was if he becomes big and things better and that I should just handle thing as needed. Iyanya would have to sign for us to run a business, but he refused to sign the document. As a result I put my brothers on the form because we can’t move forward without any signature on the form. 

In September 2012, we went for an event by a top government official, Iyanya went to help a lady and we found out that she works at access bank.  So I told the lady that “Ma I know you worked at a bank and things are rough for us and we need money for the business”.  We went to the bank to ask this lady a a loan and she asked, “where is the TSE document”, she found out that Iyanya’s name is not on the document and she said that since Iyanya is not on the business document she would not be able to do the loan.

We went back to CAC and added Iyanya to the form of incorporation.  This happened in the same year in 2012. So Iyanya was not on the contract for about 6 months only. My brother relinquished their shares for Iyanya so Iyanya can come on board” Ubi said as he provided proof for his interviewers. 


When asked if he forged Iyanya’s signatures, Ubi continued the conversation and said, “ I have never forged anybody’s signature before. I come from a good upbring and people that know me will tell you that I will never do that. 

I was sent to school to read law, I know the implications of forgery, and that’s the easiest way to go to Jail. It was the barrister that corrected Iyanya’s name.  Iyanya’s name can be spell in multiple ways, there was a mistake and the document was corrected in front of both Iyanya and I. The lawyer corrected his name not me. 

After Iyanya was sorted out, the bank approved us for a loan. I have 2 brother and one friend on the initial CAC form and all of them relinquished their shares to Iyanya. 

We made a second CAC document and Iyanya was on it, we proceeded to sign a joint venture agreement between I and Iyanya, the document says everything we make will be shared 50 50. . Iyanya signed the joint venture agreement in June 2013.  

I cannot disclose the amount of the loan due to legal consequences. He didn’t mention certain numbers on the radio so I may not be able to discuss the numbers. 

We parted ways in 2016; in late 2012, we went to Abuja to record a gospel on the beat a young man walked into the studio. And Tekno was making good music, so I was impressed and I liked him right away.  

He said he was signed at the time, and I told him to let me know when his contract is over. 

Iyanya doesn’t like Tekno and I will say it again, he doesn’t like him.  When we signed Tekno, Iyanya said that he doesn’t want anything to do with any artist.  Iyanya said no to Tekno but I went on to sign Tekno anyway.  

I signed Tekno and Tekno became big, Iyanya didn’t spend a dime on promoting Tekno.  I funded Tekno’s if I dance video and I even struggled to pay Sesan (the video producer) at the time.  

I have bill to pay when Tekno recorded the song Duro, I had to sort out the bill before anyone can be settled. “

Ubi agreed that Iyanya didn’t make much from Tekno at the time.  

Tekno’s management fees went to Upfront and most of his money went there.  I couldn’t manage Tekno and things were too much for me to do. I Spinoff Tekno to Upfront. 

When someone said they made 30 million, but those number are different when you run a business. There isn’t much left after all the bills were paid.   I told Iyanya that he wouldn’t get a Dime from Tekno because he refused to put in any money to make Tekno successful.

Paul O called us to the office and he tried to settle the bill, he said pay Iyanya more even though he was initially against Tekno coming on board. 

I gave Iyanya more than 145 k thousand that he claimed from Tekno, I gave him more money, I definitely game him more than 145k thousand.  

We had a meeting with Paul O, Paul said Ubi I don’t want this etc., the money was paid to Iyanya after I agree to pay him money from Tekno.  

Upfront company is in charge of processing our payments and they did a fantastic job.   I don’t own Iyanya any money.  

When I was in America I got a call from Iyanya and I went to him in Houston, and he told me, I want to leave Made Men Music, at that time, there was a fight already and he said that I made Tekno to not respect him.    

We all used to live in same house, and Iyanya said that he wanted everyone out. And it remained Iyanya and me.  

Iyanya had issues with Tekno hiring our driver that he fired. He later told me that he was leaving the label and I agreed.   A week after my baby was born, I saw that he said he had left without us on social media without signing any breakup documents.  

The settlement agreement that I posted online was the settled we arranged to dissolve any shares left.  He did not ask for anything. 

There were 3rdparty contract endorsement in place when he left, He said that those 3rdparty guaranteed that I get some money but lower than what I usually get. 

Paul O said that I should let him have all the money and I let him have the money 100 percent. 

I am not going to speak about Chips, (Iyanya said that Chips beat him up in the office). 

Iyanya I pray for the best for you, without you I won’t be Ubi Franklin.  

Iyanya told me that I am the reason why he parted ways other companies are messing with him. 

I am not perfect, I made my mistakes and there are times I beat myself when I do things wrong.  

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