Ugandan man wanted for brutally assaulting his wife … He messed up her face and she’ll need surgery

A lady posted on the story on facebook; she accused  Aidah’s husband of domestic assault that left her defaced, both side of her cheeks were ripped open and she was bleeding profusely.

Aidah’s husband name is Mutiiri, he is a teacher in Uganda, they have a daughter together. Please see the post below to read more about the abuse.

“As i write this, am sad and so stressed about my friend Aidah i want to expose her so called husband Mutiiri. #DOMESTICVIOLENCEHASTOSTOP. How can you Slaughter my friend, your wife, the mother of your kids like this, really ? No matter what the circumstances, you cant beat and cut your wife or husband !Wherever you have run to Mutiiri, We will get u and get justice for Aidah. Mutiiri, you are a teacher by profession, what example are you giving to your children and the kids you teach? Parents be aware of that man! This is so sad. Right now, Aidah needs surgery as he cut her mouth, fractured her cheek bones and throat. I wont sit and look as my friend suffers and other women suffer domestic violence. It has to #STOP. Aidah needs a lot of money for surgery, whoever feels it in there heart to help get this beautiful lady back to her feet is free to send any contributions to this number- +256756115578. She is at Case Hospital, Buganda rd. 

Thank you
Please share for me and we expose this man, and whoever sees him, just inform the police “ – She wrote 




Aidah’s face

Aidah and Mutiiri wedding picture

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