Ultimate Love: Can Rosie Ever Forgive David After Snubbing Her for another Love Guest? See the drama [Video]

Rosie of Ultimate Love

The drama and the tension in the ongoing Ultimate Love reality TV show is already brewing hotter than ever imagined as one of the love pads Rosie became the first casualty of love on the show.

Her heartbreak came from one of the love guests David who she thought had some crazy love for her only to found out that all was part of the game.

Yes, David ignored Rosie and picked
Presh Talker after he had shown mad interest on Rosie to the extend he kissed her live on the show. Little did Rosie, a mother of one, know that all that attention she was getting from David didn’t mean anything to him.

It was so painful for her that she couldn’t stomach the disappointment and had to voice it out live on set. She blasted David for playing with her heart and for deceiving her on National Television.

This incident happened during the weekend after the coupling up of the love guests. All the love guests apart from Rosie got paired with their ideal partners.

For instance, Iyke got paired with the usual suspect Theresa, Bolanle didn’t miss the opportunity of continuing with his loved-up moments with Arnold. Jay and Nkechi were happy that they were paired together. While Michael’s pairing with Cherry was just like official permission for them to continue with their cosy moments.

While Obichukwu desire to be paired with Ebiteinye was granted. Also, Rosie had to settle with Kachi. Chris was paired with Uche. While Sylvia decided to settle with Jerry. And Jenny Koko settled with Louis.

Here is a video showing when Rosie was bitterly blasting David during the Sunday edition of the Ultimate Love reality TV Show

The Ultimate Love is a reality TV show where young Nigerians who are single are gathered under one roof for 8 weeks with the primary aim of finding love among themselves. The duo who emerges the winner at the end of the show wins the grand prize of the all-expense-paid wedding ceremony and a well-furnished mansion.

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