Unbothered Runtown took private Jet and ignores his court case

Runtown is currently facing a legal battle with the record label that he is trying to get away from. Eric Many record label has refused to let Runtown to walk away from the contract that he signed with the record label, but Runtown claimed that the court has set him free. 

Runtown shared the headline says that he won the case against Eric Many; the story was published on Vanguard news newspaper. 

‘Runtown hasn’t won contract breach case, we’re till in court’

You can read more about Runtown’s case with Eric many on the page above.

Runtown claims victory over Eric Many

His victory post did not last a minute before Eric Many countered the story and called it false.

Runtown record label Eric Many, lead by billionaire Okwudili Umenyiora has alleged that Runtown lied to the public. Okwudili is the owner of the record label that Runtown signed with and he is very vicious and angry because he wanted to leave the label to go start out on his own. 

The record label claimed that Runtown owes close to 1 million dollars and they also want him to return the Lamborghini that they bought for him.

Runtown is unbothered, he is living his best life and taking private jet from coast to coast. The case may go back to court; we will bring you more update as soon as they become available. 

Runtown in a private jet today.
Runtown and billionaire Okwudili Umenyiora