Unilag enforces mandatory drug test for new students … or admission will be revoked


The university issued a shocking statement that the will revoke admission offer of prospective students who test positive for drugs.

Mrs. Taiwo Oloyede, the assistant principal registrar at the University of Lagos warned that the school will go with a strict policy in other to discourage the use of hard drugs by students.  All new students should expect to be tested for hard drugs like Codine, weed and other narcotics and they must pass the drug test before their admission can be valid. 

“This test is compulsory and will be administered on new students before they are allowed to go ahead with registration. Admission of any newly-admitted students who test positive for drug use shall be withdrawn. We want to ensure that we get students who will be willing to maintain peace, show leadership qualities and be law-abiding,” Taiwo Oloyede

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