Update on baby with hole in heart .. 70 M raised in 2 day

A man sat on the main road to beg for help to care for his sick child. He said that the doctors said his son was born with holes in his heart and he wanted to do anything to save him. 

He needed 15 million to transport the child to another country for care and to also use to pay his hospital bill. When the video went viral, people began to raise money for him and his child. 

How much was raised for the child with hole in his heart

According to the father, they have raised 70 million as of January 27, 2019. It only took 2 days for well wishers to pour in their help for the child.

KBKonline is the foundation that took charge of the fund raising for the child and his father.

Link to Gofundme page for Beniah ( The baby with hole in his heart )

As of the time this article was published, only $7,588 was donated via Gofundme. The goal on GoFundme is to reach $40,000. However, the dad received most of the money via account transfer to a personal account provided by the father. The amount of money raised from bank to bank transfer and GoFundMe page totaled over N70 M.

check out this link for more information

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